Should lawmakers prioritise Trafficking?


5 thoughts on “Should lawmakers prioritise Trafficking?

  1. I appreciate the effort and the motivations behind this whole exercise, but the poll is really really really silly. It is WAY too self-selecting. People who have no interest in human trafficking issues will not bother in the least to click on this website. How is it ever possible to capture even the slightest semblance of accuracy in representating the wider populace’s view on this topic?


    1. Well, yes. As you wisely observe polls are only ever as representative as their reach allows. If you would like to increase our reach why not share a link to the poll on social media?

      Thanks for your input 🙂 STSG


  2. What is being done is at least a start. It is long overdue, but at least someone like Christopher De Souza has stepped up to the challenge and is doing SOMETHING. Help the victims by all means, but surely like any other crime, there should be a trail of tell-tale signs that lead to the traffickers, so why not spend more time and money and intelligence on this as well?


    1. Thanks, JR, for sharing. Yes it’s long overdue. Trafficking is a clandestine activity. There is little paper trail as evidence for prosecution which means that investigation and conviction of a trafficker rely heavily on the testimonies of victims. This is not a matter of rehabilitation but also of creating legal protection that will empower victims to report their cases.


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